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Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.

- Henry Ford

Legacy Planning & Conversation Guide workbook

Are You Ready?

The Legacy Planning & Conversation Guide: A Workbook for End-of-Life Planning is a thorough and compassionate framework which gently guides singles and couples through the discussions they would prefer to never have.  There are things to know, things to do and things to discuss before you die.  The conversation guide deftly navigates these tough topics.  This guide is even more important if you’re single; the information provided in this book will help those entrusted to manage your affairs do so with clarity and confidence, ensuring your final wishes are met.  The reward for completing the workbook?  Peace of mind.  

  • International Best-Seller in the U.S., Canada and Australia

When My Life Ends
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Chris Bentley

Need a Speaker?

Chris is available to speak at your next group function or event. He is enthusiastic, engaging, passionate and a subject matter expert in many areas of finance, but particularly in building wealth, planning for retirement, leaving a legacy and dying with dignity. 

Chris' life story is as diverse and accomplished as you find - from river guide as a teen to hunting Russian submarines in the Navy, from hiking Greece to skiing the Swiss Alps. Chris' zest for adventure is infectious - his whitewater rafting, sailing, and biking have taken him from Mexico to Bali. He is a serial entrepreneur, including his latest undertaking - Wings for Widows, a public charity that guides new widowed persons through the shock of early widowhood. His heart is as big as his sense of curiosity and adventure. Contact Chris today for your next event.

Chris Bentley

As the coordinator for a grief coalition support group here in the Twin Cities, I have heard Chris’ presentations to those who are recently widowed as well as those who lost spouses years ago.  I highly recommend him!

- Pastor Otis Borop
Visitation Pastor, Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

When My Life Ends

The Legacy Planning & Conversation Guide: A Workbook for End-of-Life Planning is a thorough and compassionate framework which gently guides couples through the discussion they would prefer to never have - how to move forward in life after one of them passes away.

- Chuck Bolton

Executive Coach and

Bestselling Author  

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When My LIfe Ends

"I loved the class, Chris. Thank you! Thank you!"

When My Life Ends

"...this last section inspired a conversation with my parents, who I am surprised to find at 85 do not have anything planned!"

When My Life Ends

"I just wanted to thank you for these sessions - I have learned a LOT - and this has been a big help to get me organized and started."

When My Life Ends

"I came away feeling more prepared in knowing what I need to do for my loved ones."


Chris Bentley, a Certified Financial Planner® professional and International Best-Selling author of The Legacy Planning & Conversation Guide, will help you navigate end-of-life planning. You will discover there are things to know, things to locate, things to discuss, and things to do. You will learn helpful information that will help you make important decisions. This 6-week virtual workshop will lead to clarity, understanding, and peace of mind. The cost is $50 per household. A copy of the workbook is recommended for each attendee and can be purchased directly from Amazon below. Click below to learn more and to register for the next workshop.



Let's Talk About Death


About Chris

When My Life Ends

Chris Bentley retired as a partner in a full-service advisory and wealth management practice with Ameriprise Financial in June 2022. Chris has worked with hundreds of clients to help them not just build wealth but prepare them for leaving a legacy and dying with dignity.


In 2018, Chris founded Wings for Widows, a Minnesota public charity that provides financial coaching and education to newly widowed persons nationwide. He currently serves as CEO.

After working with hundreds of widows it became clear to him: nobody is preparing for their death. "It's going to happen; there's no avoiding it. So, why not prepare for it? If not for your own peace of mind, because you love those who will be left behind," says Bentley. Chris believes the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is end-of-life planning. "I've seen so many widows left to clean up the mess that I decided to do something about it. I wrote a workbook to encourage all of us to do end-of-life planning. It is a heroic act of selfless love," he says. 


Chris received his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota prior to turning his attention to wealth management. Chris is a highly credentialed financial advisor having earned the following designations: Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified Life Underwriter (CLU®), Certified Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) and Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA™).


Chris lives with his wife, Susie, in Orlando, FL and Wayzata, MN. 

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When My Life Ends

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